• Evaluating existing concepts
  • Analysis of various options for usage and floor plans, space allocation
  • Operational performance review and analysis of key figures
  • Implementing ongoing quality assurance systems and cost reduction processes



HC Hospitality Consulting AG Auditing Hotel und Gastronomie Spa

Operational audit of a luxury hotel in French-speaking Switzerland with spa, restaurant and banquet hall

Strategy development for the hotel to increase sales and capital turnover.

HC Hospitality Consulting AG Hotel und Gastronomie Raumnutzung

Providing expertise to an international hotel brand to make best use of its conference and events rooms

Increasing customer satisfaction for future guests and improving the use of space (hotel consulting).

HC Hospitality Consulting AG Auditing Hotel und Gastronomie In Room Technologie

Evaluation of in-room technologies by the gastronomy consultant Alain Gervaix to improve the guest experience

Increasing efficiency without losing the human factor in terms of service.